Tao Ran, who was sitting on it, had an idea and said, “Yes.” Song Lingyu hurriedly looked up at Patriarch Yibai and found that the Patriarch was sitting well to receive congratulations. Song Lingyu felt a little relieved and said, “System, why do you look exactly like the Patriarch?” Tao ran was surprised. “Have you seen what I look like?” “Mmm.” “I saw it that day before I fell into a coma,” said Song Lingyu. Tao ran regretted in his heart that he was too careless. As soon as the idea moved, he had already thought about how to fool Song Lingyu. “Do you see that I look exactly like Yi Bai?” He asked. “Exactly the same.” “It’s exactly the same,” said Song Lingyu. Tao Ran said: “In fact, the system has no specific appearance. When the system appears in front of others, it appears in the image of the most beautiful person in other people’s subconscious.”. You think I’m exactly like Ebai, probably because you subconsciously like Ebai’s appearance best. Song Lingyu: “..” Mom, so this is my aesthetic? Don’t I like the appearance of Elder Martial Brother Han most? Song Lingyu was in a trance and fell into self-doubt. yuan Fei, who was standing to one side, saw it and said worriedly, “Lingyu, what’s wrong with you?” Song Lingyu said, “Elder Martial Brother’s appearance is not the best. Why do you like Elder Martial Brother?” She said that she was asking yuan Fei, rather than asking herself. I have liked Elder Martial Brother Han for so long. He is not the best in terms of cultivation and appearance. Why on earth do I like him for so long? I also want to kill yuan Fei for him. yuan Fei heard in the ear is another meaning,plastic trash bins, she thought Lingyu must feel that his appearance is above the brother, but he just turned a blind eye to her feelings and fell in love with the brother. Poor Lingyu, her heart must be very sad and painful at the moment, right? yuan Fei could not bear to hurt Song Lingyu and said, “How can such a thing as feelings be made clear?”? You’re so good, that man.. It’s not worth it. Song Lingyu thought that yuan Fei was trying to persuade herself not to like her brother, although she understood the truth, but after all,spill plastic pallet, she liked him for so many years, and she really couldn’t let go for a while. At the end of the grand ceremony, the head of the clan said to Tao Ran, “The Patriarch is breaking through the barrier now. I’m not in a hurry to practice for the time being. Why don’t you point out a few talented juniors so that Luofu can have a few more real people?” Tao Ran said with a smile, “How can you be a primordial spirit just by pointing?” The master knew that this was the agreement, so he prepared to let several monks in the school who were not particularly old come here to receive Tao Ran’s advice. Of course, Song Lingyu is among them. Since the last golden elixir ceremony, Song Lingyu has been a little embarrassed at the thought of the Patriarch. Originally thought that the Patriarch was an old man, but suddenly the Patriarch became his favorite appearance. Come to think of it, the Patriarch’s appearance is indeed the most beautiful one I have ever seen in my life. She was a little worried that if she saw the Patriarch, she could not help but be confused by the beauty of the Patriarch. How could she lose her temper and be expelled from Louvre by the Patriarch? Song Lingyu thought more and more worried, the whole person looked worried. My grandfather. Tao ran has no opinion about pointing out the disciples in the foundation period. Anyway, he doesn’t intend to continue to practice to a more profound realm. The rest of the day is idle, drum spill containment ,mobile garbage bin, and it’s good to do something. What’s more, Song Lingyu seems to want to accumulate points to buy Yin and Yang Hehuan San at present. She doesn’t take the initiative to exchange things that help her practice, and she can’t take the initiative to give them to her, otherwise it will arouse her suspicion. Fortunately, however, he has two identities. As the Louvre Patriarch, he can certainly give his disciples whatever help he wants. The eight monks who built the foundation went to the mountain behind Luofu, where the Patriarch Yibai practiced. Think really a little excited, oneself unexpectedly can yuan Shen real person’s instruction. Han Yileng, who was walking beside Song Lingyu, was both excited and a little regretful. He said with a wry smile, “It’s a pity that Xiao Fei hasn’t broken through to the foundation period yet. Otherwise, he will be able to accept the guidance of the Patriarch with us.” Song Lingyu is a school of indifference on the surface, in fact, the heart is about to explode.
She really wanted to pinch Elder Martial Brother’s neck and shake it hard. What’s so good about yuan Fei? Why are you fascinated by her? In terms of cultivation and appearance, I am better than her in everything, but why is yuan Fei the only one in Elder Martial Brother’s eyes? In this mood of chagrin, Song Lingyu followed the crowd to stand in front of Tao Ran’s wooden house. The monks were not very particular about enjoyment, so they were not surprised to see that the two wooden houses were where the Ibai Patriarch lived. Many monks accidentally felt that it was troublesome to repair the cave house, so they dug a hole in the mountain wall and made some tables, chairs and benches with rocks. Tao ran sat on the futon in the room. He sat cross-legged and his breath was misty. Holding a mobile phone in his hand and looking at the dense simplified characters on it, he knew that he was reading a novel again. The disciples outside did not dare to go in and disturb Tao Ran, so they said outside, “Disciple, pay your respects to the Patriarch.” Tao ran put away his cell phone, corrected his posture, and said, “If you have any questions about your practice, come in. I only point out one person at a time.” Everyone looked at each other, and then humbled each other. Finally, Han Yileng was in the first place. He was excited and embarrassed and said, “Thank you for your kindness. I..” I’m going in. As soon as Han Yileng went in, he saw Tao Ran, who was meditating in a superior style. He didn’t dare to make a mistake. He said very politely, “Disciple Han Yileng pays his respects..” I know who you are. Tao Ran opened his eyes and said, “What do you want to ask?” Han Yileng said, “During the Qi refining period, the disciple practiced very smoothly, but since the foundation building period, the progress of cultivation has been very slow.”. Although the Reiki of the earth is meager now, it is still enough to practice during the foundation period, so the disciple wants to consult the Patriarch, but what’s wrong with the disciple’s practice? Han Yileng’s problem Tao ran saw at a glance, his problem is very simple,plastic pallet manufacturer, because the author of this novel does not want him to practice so fast. After all, the protagonist is the woman, in the woman did not catch up before how to let the man practice progress so much.

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