“I wonder what you two can talk about.” With a smile in his mouth, Mu Rongrong teased. What kind of a combination are they, genius and idiot? “What are we talking about? Why should I tell you?” What Qin Yuezhi said is taken for granted. Mu Rongrong. She thinks she can’t talk to her. After a while, she came to her senses and said to Qin Ran, “It wasn’t easy for you to talk to her before. It was like casting pearls before swine!” Qin ran is also a look of relief, but just Qin Yue’s innocent smile, or let him shake his eyes. So it is fair to say that the naive did not give her brains, but gave her a good skin. Think of him Qin ran, is also to see a lot of beauties, but none of them can compare with Qin Yuezhi so eye-catching. He knew that Qin Yuezhi seldom made up, and even if he did, it was basic light makeup. Now his side of Mu Rongrong a full set, originally he felt very delicate and beautiful, but in the side of Qin Yuezhi is much inferior. Clear water produces hibiscus, which is naturally carved. Qin Yue’s skin is white and her beautiful eyes seem to be able to speak. Although she has no brain, her innocent appearance is really lovely. Even the slightly childish flower skirt on her body was worn by her in a different style. He looked a little yearning for a moment, and his eyes wandered over her posture. Mu Rongrong was about to taunt two more sentences, but at a casual glance, she caught a glimpse of Qin Ran staring at Qin Yuezhi in a daze, and she was immediately angry. Feeling his arm twisted heavily,deep draw stamping, Qin ran frowned in pain. Mu Rongrong loosened Qin Ran’s arm, when Qin Yuezhi had already bought clothes and was about to get off the elevator. Mu Rongrong hurried to follow up, Qin ran afraid of trouble, trotted after the past. There were only three of them in the elevator, and Qin Yuezhi just looked at the clothes he had just bought. She opened the bag and smiled, then opened it again and smiled again. She couldn’t wait to give the gift to Professor Han. Mu Rongrong squinted at Qin Yuezhi, who had always been reserved,Magnetic Drain Plug, but the coldness in her eyes at this time still frightened Qin Ran into a cold sweat, fearing that something would happen later. Rong Rong, aren’t we going to buy shoes for the wedding? What are you.. “I suddenly don’t want to buy it.” “Then we..” “Qin Ran!” Mu Rongrong raised his voice: “If you can’t control your eyes, we’d better not get married.” Qin Yuezhi’s eyes suddenly stare big, this is what kind of trouble, shooting TV series? She was suddenly excited, which was similar to the drama she was chasing some time ago! The bride and groom suddenly broke up before the wedding! The bride slapped the groom several times with her backhand! Unfortunately, the scene in the TV play was not performed, and she was somewhat disappointed. Out of the elevator, Qin Yuezhi was walking, suddenly Mu Rongrong passed by her, not lightly hit her, she staggered back a few steps, it was not easy to stand firm. This is not over, titanium machining parts ,socket screw plug, Qin ran to see Mu Rongrong go, quickly catch up. It happened that Qin Yuezhi saw a bracelet on the ground that Mu Rongrong had just knocked her off. She has always been warm-hearted, and when she picks up the bracelet, she will return it to others. She just caught up with Qin ran, just patted him, was thrown by his hand, Qin Yue’s foot twisted, fell down. By this time, Qin ran had already stopped Mu Rongrong and hugged her to make amends with her. They heard the sound of breathing behind them, turned to see Qin Yuezhi collapsed on the ground, Mu Rongrong mood suddenly became very good. She raised her lips and smiled, walking towards her with a graceful step. The sharp high-heeled shoes stepped on the marble tiles, and the sound was clear, knocking on Qin Yue’s heart, which made her feel cautious. She instinctively felt that this Mu Rongrong had no good intentions, so she struggled to remember. But the ankle was so painful that Qin Yuezhi’s tears were about to come out. Mu Rongrong stared down at her for a moment and handed her his hand with a smile. Without waiting for her to stretch out her hand, Mu Rongrong said, “If you can’t wear it well, don’t learn from adults to wear high-heeled shoes.” “I’m not a child anymore.” Qin Yue replied to her angrily. Is it? ‘ Mu Rongrong lengthened his tone, smiled at random without a word, and reached out and knocked on her skull. What do you mean! Qin Yuezhi shook off her hand irritably, and then tried to get up by himself. Mu Rongrong has withdrawn his hand, his hands around his chest, and is intently watching Qin Yuezhi flopping on the ground. How to describe it? She thought for a moment and then smiled.
Like an old hen with a broken leg! Qin ran at this time also came over, see Qin Yuezhi in that struggle, he some can not bear, but also afraid to say more to make Mu Rongrong unhappy. Let’s go, Rong Rong. “Yuezhi hasn’t got up yet.” Murong smiled gently and bent down again. Can I help you? “No, I can do it myself!” Qin Yuezhi was unusually stubborn. Just as she was about to say a few more taunts, she heard a rush of footsteps. When she reacted, there was a man behind Qin Yue. Mu Rongrong recognized him! Han Xuzhe bent down, put his hands around Qin Yue’s arms, and brought her up at once. Although the person got up, the left ankle was still painful. Qin Yuezhi stood unsteadily and cried out for pain. Han Xuzhe adjusted his posture and let her change her center of gravity and lean on his arms. When Qin Yuezhi saw the man coming, he suddenly felt refreshed. Smiling, she handed him the bag in her hand. “The clothes I bought for you are made of pure cotton. They are very comfortable to wear.” Thank you. It’s all right. Why did you fall? Qin Yuezhi hummed, then pointed at Qin Ran and complained to Han Xuzhe: “He pushed me.” Qin ran immediately exploded: “What are you talking about? It’s obviously your own carelessness!” Qin ran raised his voice, and Qin Yuezhi subconsciously drilled into Han Xuzhe’s arms. Han Xuzhe looked up at Qin Ran, with a look in his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened his mouth: “I don’t think she is a liar.” Qin Ran: “Are you saying I lie?” Han Xuzhe refused to deny it. Qin ran to bomb, Mu Rongrong pulled him. It’s not a good thing to be unhappy with Han Xuzhe. After all, it’s the Han family behind him. Professor Han, this should be a misunderstanding. My fiance was busy chasing me and didn’t notice anyone behind him. “That is, who let her chase after me,die casting parts, who knows what her heart is!” Qin ran said angrily. Qin Yuezhi hurriedly lifted the things on his hands: “Your girlfriend’s bracelet fell off, I picked it up and wanted to give it to you, but you pushed me!” 。

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