Rose saw that he was not happy because he went back to the palace to eat a “big meal”, but seemed to have something more, melancholy? Sad? She did not ask, but smiled faintly. “You’re back.” Then he filled a bowl of fragrant chicken soup from the pot and brought it to him. He watched him bow his head and eat it silently. It seemed that something was dripping in the bowl. When she wanted to see it clearly, he got up and went to the stove to add another bowl by himself, saying, “The soup is good!” Ralph, who had been talking and laughing with Rick just now, also gave a surprisingly deep sigh. There was obvious sympathy and love flowing in his eyes. After Schroeder left with a full head, he said the reason why Schroeder was sad: the first day of the New Year was the anniversary of his mother’s death. This day of reunion and celebration for the whole world was the source of his pain. Rose looked through the window at the lonely figure who bowed his head and walked forward, and the snowflakes fell on his face, cold, lonely and sad. Later, when she went shopping with Uncle Rick, she would go to 109 to call Schroeder to go with her. Unable to bear her, Prince Schroeder finally condescended to be their guide and introduced the most famous leading enterprises in the catering industry he knew to Rick. The increasingly warm smile of the prince makes the rose very happy. How nice it is! You are the most attractive one with sunshine on your face. This New Year’s Day is also the first time that Rose has received a New Year’s gift from someone other than Rick. When the servant sent by Clay carried three boxes of things into the house and brought his verbal blessing, she felt a little painful. Was he really so embarrassed that he had to be replaced by someone else? In that case, why send it? Not afraid to fall into reality? Then, followed by Kuqi slightly let her comfort a little bit, as long as people arrived,pumpkin seed extract, what does it matter whether to give gifts or not? No matter how expensive the gift is, it is not as good as the warm blessing from the mouth! So she decided to give Cuzzi a big gift in return, giving him a home-made hand warmer. I heard that his father often coughs in cold weather, accompanied by mild asthma, with this two-palm-sized hand warmer to protect the heart, can alleviate some symptoms. Rose’s original intention was to bring Uncle Rick back to York City. She knew that Uncle Rick had some old wounds on his body, and when he was sick, he would be particularly afraid of the cold,lutein eye complex, so he was reluctant to leave the stove all day in York City. When she was teaching Uncle Rick to use a hand warmer, she asked why he didn’t leave York and come to the capital to develop since he was afraid of the cold? Rick’s answer is simple: I like the beauty of snowflakes. This hand warmer can maintain a high temperature for half a month with a three-level fire magic crystal, and it also has a switch to control the temperature, which is very easy to use. She made a total of five, and when it first came out, Ralph immediately asked for one, on the grounds that he was afraid of the cold when he was old, and that the material was provided by him, so it was not too much to ask for a kickback? Rose, of course, did not dare to say that she had an opinion. If she didn’t learn, she didn’t know. Once she learned, she was shocked. After she was fascinated by alchemy, she found out how precious the things in the underground laboratory were. Invisibly, rosmarinic acid supplement ,fenugreek saponins, her feelings for Ralph grew deeper and deeper, and she ran to his laboratory when she was free, enjoying the endless happiness brought by the scientific research. After a short vacation, Rick also said goodbye to the Rose and returned to York City. As long as his little Rose was safe and happy, he was relieved. Dean Ralph patted his chest and assured him that he would take good care of the child and never let her suffer any injustice. Rose still did not tell him the reason why she needed a lot of money, but he knew that she must have had to, from her magical double attribute fusion, to the family martial arts now exposed, everything fully shows that she is a secret child. In the underground laboratory, he saw a valuable magic crystal disappear in Rose’s hands in a twinkling of an eye. It is estimated that this amazing behavior is what she does every day. Perhaps, she has been doing this since her mother died. Rick did not ask, he had to hurry back to implement his business development plan, he believed that when the little rose no longer needed strong financial support, the answer would come naturally. Reluctantly saw off Uncle Rick, and Rose returned to the track of three points and one line.
The new semester began, and new subjects were added to the course list. She eagerly absorbed the wisdom of the teachers. If it was not enough, she would find Ralph. If it was not enough, she would find Xiaojie. Entering the strength of the fifth layer, she can already see more information, and the small display screen in her left eye has also increased to the size of a palm, which is very useful for her to browse a large amount of information, after all, it is more practical and intuitive to see than to hear. Volume III Nymphomaniac Chapter 55 Flower Martyrdom Updated: January 1, 2009 23:41:20 Words in this Chapter: 2728 In early spring and February, the ice and snow melt, the branches emerge bright green buds, and the green that has been farewell to the world for a long time comes to the world again as promised. Roses stroll along the path in a happy mood, greedily smelling the smell of grass and green leaves, which is mixed with the fragrance of peach blossoms, which makes people fascinated and lingering. Today is Sunday. I heard that the peach blossom forest by the Acacia Lake was full of flowers. After staying in Ralph’s laboratory for a day, she contributed both blood and labor. Tired and dizzy, she decided to go there to see the legendary fragrant snow sea. At the end of the road, where the fragrance is hidden, it is between the snow and the sea. The description in the book had long moved her. In York City, she had only seen the old peach tree in the center of the square, but had never seen the peach grove. Now, the fragrance of peach blossoms floating on the tip of her nose made her unable to wait for a moment. Walking in the acacia forest in a hurry, the big forest where “tourists” are like crucian carp at night is now quiet, with only the sound of leaves and buds blooming and birds singing happily. The sunset leaves a large mottled shadow on the ground through the branches that have not yet grown leaves, and the grass grows vigorously in this little warmth. More and more fragrant taste let the rose smile deeper, at the foot of the lotus step flying, but did not leave a little trace on the ground, step on the snow without trace, she did! In a trance, she had broken into a sea of peach,jujube seed powder, still fresh and tender, but decaying so quickly that the petals danced with the spring breeze between heaven and earth, just like the spirit of flowers sprinkling its last trace of life into the sunshine. prius-biotech.com

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