Are there specific types of music that can help lift your mood more than others? Some songs are sure to put you in a positive mood, but others may have the potential to make you sad. In general, any kind of music has the potential to make you feel happier and boost your mental health if you’re a fan of that genre. However, certain types of music are more likely to help the average person when they are feeling down.

Rock music

Rock music is something many people turn to when they’re feeling down. There is something very cathartic about listening to upbeat songs and guitar tracks. You can choose to listen to the classics you grew up listening to, but there’s also a lot of interesting rock music being made today. Whether you’re into classic bands like Led Zeppelin, Kiss or Queen, or prefer modern acts like Greta Van Fleet, this genre can help you feel better.

Jazz music

Jazz is a great genre when you just need to relax and clear your mind at the end of the day. Sitting down and listening to jazz helps many people relieve stress. It is very rewarding to listen to jazz and hear the intricacies of what the musicians are playing. This genre has long been popular with people who just want to relax and appreciate music, and it could help you get to a better place mentally when you’re stressed.

Classical music

Classical music is also highly recommended as it is very soothing to listen to. Listening to the works of Beethoven and Mozart can help you appreciate the purity of classical music. Latest album The genre is almost unparalleled when it comes to evoking emotional responses, and there’s a lot to gain from spending some time listening to this type of music. There is still a lot of incredible music being made in the classical style today.

Every genre should do

Any genre should do if you consider yourself a fan of that style of music. Some people may not find aggressive rap, hip-hop or metal music soothing, but that’s not true for everyone. If you are into this genre and the songs connect with you, then you will benefit from spending time listening to music like this. People who love extreme types of music have very positive mental responses when listening to songs, and it shows that genre is not necessarily the most important thing.

What you want to focus on is your relationship with music and listening to things that put you in a positive mood. If listening to techno or doom metal puts you in a positive place mentally, then you should definitely go for it. While the types of music mentioned above are more standard styles that people turn to when they want to get high, that shouldn’t stop you from following your musical heart. All genres of music have great power and songs can help you feel better about your life and what’s going on in the world.

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